World Bank is ready to give a Blank check to Al-Abadi: World Bank


On Sunday, the high level of Iraqi officials declared that the Secretary General of the UN and the U.S President forwarded their recommendations to the Director of the World Bank for the issuance of loans to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi to overcome the financial crisis in the country.

They also pointed out that Head of Supreme Islamic Council Ammar Al-Hakim demanded resignation from Al-Abadi if he needs a fundamental change in the Iraqi cabinet of ministers and supposed entry of technocrats in his government. The Middle East newspaper indicated that the current financial crisis in the country is suffocating to the intensity has started to pressurize due the employees’ salaries. But, it is not a critical concern for Al-Abadi due to confirmation by the United Nations and the United States.

They confirmed that Iraqi economy will not be collapsed because Iraqi Prime Minister made successful talks in Vienna. Now, Iraq has received assurance for the issuance of loans to meet the current financial and economic challenges. The Director of World Bank added that the Secretary General of the United Nations and the U.S President Barak Obama has forwarded their recommendations to the World Bank, and the Bank is ready to deliver a blank check to Al-Abadi to encourage his progress as he is looking more confident. He also advised Al-Abadi that change his current cabinet and appoint new talented technocrat ministers. It is essential because Iraq is currently experiencing most severe economic and financial problems. Especially due to low oil prices and war against terrorism and Daash organization.

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