World Bank Redirected to Stop New Appointments for Next 3 Years



An authentic source in the Iraqi Finance Ministry informed today that the World Bank had launched loan protocol with a text for the implementation of tariff electricity and stopping the appointments in the country for next three years.

The protocol includes the measures that are imposed by the World Bank on the government of Iraq for the year 2016, 2017 and 2018. The specific required proceedings on the need to decrease the associated gas spreading up to 2018. It is important that the electricity tariff has been approved by the cabinet and it was implemented in order to decrease the support and enhance the revenues.

The World Bank also stressed to stop the recruitment in the public sector and not allow new functional degrees for next three years. The priorities are exceptional such as health sector, restructure in the public enterprises and improvement in the inexpensive and reasonable environment between governmental banks. The public expenses should be decrease by empowering the efficiency of social protection and filter the database of retirees that are getting pensions but not eligible for it. The cabinet should approve for decisions on the investment, by the government. It should be prepared in coordination with the Iraqi Ministry of Planning and the operations of the World Bank.

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