World Bank to issue more loans to overcome the economic problems: Jubouri


The Speaker of Iraqi Parliament Saleem Al Jubouri issued a statement that the World Bank has agreed to issue more loans to Iraq to overcome the economic problem in the country.

He also pointed out that a committee will be formed to determine the reasons of money laundering and smuggling of currency. He delivered his words in a press conference conducted in the building of Iraqi Parliament and attended a number of news agencies. He added that the World Bank would provide more loans to Iraq to resolve the financial and economic issues in the country. The new committee has formed and it would investigate the factors and elements involved in the currency smuggling from Iraq.

He added that we have assured the Washington that Iraq would become the starting point to solve and eliminate the financial and economic problems in the country. The Speaker also met legal representatives for the legal solution of the Federal court and amnesty. He also discussed the points of contention to be forwarded in the Parliament for voting. He also added that that this week has considered the final week to debate on the laws. He also said that Iraqi political disagreements have avoided reaching on an agreed point for agreement for various important laws and legal head of the Iraqi Federal Court and Amnesty.

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