Zebari describes Jubouri as “brotherhood” and his visit to Qatar as “bad


On Tuesday, June 06, 2017, The leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, former finance minister Hoshyar Zebari criticized the visit of Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri to the State of Qatar, describing the timing of the visit as “bad.” “Two days ago, the news of the visit of the Iraqi parliament speaker, Salim al-Jubouri to Doha, was received by the emir of the State of Qatar,” Zebari wrote on social networking sites.

He added that Jubouri’s visit “at the same time as the Gulf storm against Qatar to isolate diplomatically, commercially and economically because of its inconsistent policies with the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, including support for the Muslim Brotherhood.” “The legitimate question is, what was Jubouri doing in Doha, to mediate in easing the Gulf crisis, to make contacts with Iraqis for reconciliation purposes, or to request financial support for him and his party in the upcoming elections?” Zebari said. “It is a bad timing for a clear visit to the goals and ends,” said the former Iraqi finance minister.

Al-Jubouri visited Qatar on Sunday and met with her Emir Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani in conjunction with the announcement of the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and Egypt cut off its relationship with Doha.


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